A club participates in a campaign to help the homeless

Nice job Tottenham

Against Crystal Palace on Sunday 26 December, Tottenham won the match 3-0. A large part of Antonio Conte’s men, but above all it was their work that roamed Europe. In front of London, Tottenham during the warm-up showed a sports jersey “#NoHomeKit” to Support for the homeless in the UK.

work in collaboration with Shelter Which runs an awareness campaign across the country. Internally, the club also tried to educate its supporters in order to support thousands of homeless English people. After Marcus Rashford, he finally became a Premier League club committed to helping the most disadvantaged.

Tottenham’s reaction

Reminder, in 90 minutesfootball match draw, 25 people end up homeless in England. So, while striker Harry Kane scored the first goal in the match against coaching Patrick Vieira and became the top scorer in boxing history (9 achievements, editor’s note), his boss Daniel Levy crossed over in a statement about the importance of the shelter campaign.

There are thousands of people in the UK who just won’t be able to enjoy the Christmas holidays and have nowhere to go. It is imperative that we show our support for the #NoHomeKit campaign to raise awareness about homelessness and we are proud to support the campaign.

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