A case on a farm in eastern France

Authorities said that a “highly contagious” bird flu case was detected on a farm in eastern France and “sanitary measures” were taken in eight specialized farms.

The first case in Haut-Rhin

The case was discovered in the town of Blenheim in Haut-Rhin (east) and is the “first” in this circle since the H5N8 virus appeared in France last November.

To prevent the risk of the virus spreading, a “protection zone” has been established by order of the governorate within a radius of three kilometers around the farm, in addition to a “control area” within a radius of 10 kilometers.

In these areas, the movement of poultry is prohibited, and “strict hygienic measures” are imposed, including confinement of poultry.

In total, eight professional farms are affected by these sanitary measures, including seven layer farms. There are also four animal installations, a slaughterhouse and a methanizer in a 10-kilometer area around the outbreak.

487 outbreaks confirmed on farms

According to a report issued by the Ministry of Agriculture published on Tuesday, France recorded 487 confirmed outbreaks of bird flu during reproduction, including 473 cases in the southwest, and 14 cases in the rest of the country. In the wild, 14 cases have also been detected, mainly in Meurthe-et-Moselle (East).

This virus is “actively spread in wildlife in Europe through migratory birds”. The virus does not transmit to humans and does not prevent the consumption of poultry food products.

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