A case of dengue fever in Moria for the first time in 3 years

The Office of Sanitary Surveillance and Surveillance of the Agency for the Regulation of Health and Social Action (ARAS) has been notified of a confirmed case of dengue fever that remained in Papeete and then in Morea. As a reminder, dengue has not spread in French Polynesia for three years.

This person came from Southeast Asiawhere dengue is endemic, began about a week ago and showed symptoms of dengue fever very soon after its arrival.

He presented the patient to a doctor in Moria a few days after the onset of symptoms, which allowed for sufficient early diagnosis that offers the possibility of acting quickly to avoid an epidemic.

The measures taken in this direction are based on the rapid eradication of mosquitoes that may have bitten the patient before they could transmit the dengue virus. For this purpose, deltamethrin-based insecticide treatments will be carried out by the Center for Environmental Health (CSE) of the Ministry of Health (DSP) according to the protocol of the World Health Organization (WHO). The main places where the condition remains will be targeted by these treatments within a radius of about 100 metres.

Two pesticide treatment areas in Moorea have been identified by CSE with a schedule of operations Thursday 22nd of June and Wednesday 28th of June 2023 At sunrise or shortly after. These operations are being carried out in full coordination with the Moria Municipal Council, which warns the residents of the respective areas, Habiti and Maati, in this case.

Dengue treatment area in Haapiti

Dengue treatment area in Al-Maatiyah

recommend :

  • People residing in these areas should leave doors and windows open during treatment so that mosquitoes hiding in homes may be affected;
  • to cover food, aquariums, and aquariums;
  • Finally, if you have cells near these areas, you can report it to CSE on 40 50 37 45.

In order to anticipate and slow down a possible spread of the disease, the Ministry of Health recommends that the population:

  • See a doctor In case of high fever, headache, body aches, nausea and rash. People who think they have dengue fever should especially protect themselves from mosquito bites to prevent them from infecting their loved ones;
  • Get rid of mosquito breeding areas around the home and in the workplace. Think badly clogged septic tanks, gutters, badly stretched tarpaulins, and anything that could hold fresh water in your environment, such as plant pots, various waste, canoes or various bulky items. Eliminating mosquito breeding areas will also contribute to your daily comfort without costing you much;
  • Apply insect repellentseveral times a day;
  • Use insecticides, diffusers, and tortillas outdoorsIf you have no other solutions.

Only through the efforts of each and every one of us can we seize this opportunity and avoid the pandemic.

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