A captivating conference about space

Jean-Claude Souris teleported the 50 participants off the ground. After studying at Foch High School, a thesis in Toulouse, he worked in the aerospace business in Boston. After returning to France, he joined the French National Center for Space Studies in Toulouse where he was Deputy Director of Research and Development.

First, the speaker defines what a space is. The International Space Station is 400 tons and can accommodate from 3 to 6 astronauts. It is important for planetary mapping and observation as well. In 1991, Mitterrand decided that France should be independent in this area, and decided to develop a program. Space exploration is almost in its infancy with 8,000 satellites launched, Elon Musk is talking about sending 50,000 satellites in the next two years. American Wernher von Braun (1912-1977) will launch the Apollo program, which on July 21, 1969 will allow Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins to take the first steps on the moon. The latter will launch on December 11, 1972. Artemis program announces return to the Moon (11/13/22). The Americans’ goal is to send a woman to the moon by 2026. The idea is to set up a base camp for Mars?

For more than an hour, the speaker held the audience’s attention. With style and plenty of pedagogy, he answered questions from the room. After the conference, it’s time for a fun lunch.

Brigitte Marol will address “The Beginning of the End of Nazism in 1943” at the next conference to be held on Tuesday 7 February in Les Voyagers.

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