A bright future for Boris Johnson

London | Boris Johnson, who is entering his last days as prime minister, has nothing to worry about his future: a political celebrity, and an excellent orator with an often fierce and funny pen, the end of the month seems reassuring when he leaves Downing Street.

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At 58, he is still an MP at the moment. And whoever sometimes finds that his salary as prime minister (164 thousand pounds per year – 194 thousand euros) is insufficient to ensure his lifestyle, can become a millionaire if he writes his memoirs and joins the circle of international conferences, as other former international leaders did. Kiss.

His memoirs, if he kept writing them, could fetch him millions.

And he could earn about $100,000 (€100,050) per speech in the United States, says Mark Kawn, president of Kroger-Kown Agency, which represents “talents” as diverse as Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, Richard. Branson (Virgin), singer Cher or musician and activist Bob Geldof.

His annual salary as a Member of Parliament after Downing Street (£84,144 or €99,626) pales in comparison.

In the UK, on ​​the other hand, it would be a “hard sell”, according to Mr Cowen, who underscores the contradictory sentiments raised by Boris Johnson, enough to calm the business world that generally finances these well-paid rhetoric.

Internationally, he was “prime minister at the same time as Trump,” he sums up. He is a “celebrity”. But there’s also the risk of experiencing volatility due to the strong reactions it triggers, according to Mr. Coon.

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Theresa May, the former prime minister, “wasn’t particularly good” in the US, he says, unlike Tony Blair, who is known across the Atlantic for his ties to Bill Clinton and George W. Bush.

Less attractive than Boris Johnson, May has been paid between 38,000 and 80,000 pounds per speech since she left Downing Street in 2019, according to the MPs’ Register of Financial Interests. She keeps 85,000 a year, and the rest is used to support her charitable commitments.

Before coming to power, Mr Johnson had already earned an average of between £25,000 and £40,000 for a two-hour speech. The Daily Telegraph At that time, he was paid 22,916 pounds per month for a weekly column estimated at 10 working hours per month, according to this same record for the financial interests of the deputies.


The cable Since then he has distanced himself but daily MailA loyal tabloid is said to have offered to write a column for him when he leaves Downing Street.

In his spare time, Boris Johnson, a father of two very young children from his third wife Carrie, 34, will be able to write the book about Shakespeare for which he got so much progress in 2015, which he has yet to write. .

So far, he hasn’t said anything about his intentions.

But his famous “hasta la vista” (Arnold Schwarzenegger’s famous line in Terminator 2) during his last House questioning session on July 20 caused a lot of ink to flow. He also declared that “mission accomplished for the time being.”

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A sign to some that he may not have said his last word on politics, it is he who reluctantly announced his resignation on 7 July after a mutiny in his party, when he still believed he had a “tremendous” mission. to get it done.

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