A boat “floating” found off the coast of the United Kingdom – photos


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A rare optical illusion photographed off the south coast of England. A passerby actually saw a large transport vessel that seemed to be hovering in the air.

The BBC reports that photographs have been taken of a ship “circling” in the air above a passerby sea near the town of Falmouth in Cornwall, England.

BBC meteorologist David Brain explains that this is an optical illusion caused by a special canal water, special atmospheric conditions.

More miracles occur due to the weather known as temperature inversion, where the cold air is very close to the sea and the warmer air above. Because cold air is denser than warm air, it bends light that travels in the direction of someone’s eyes on the ground or on the beach, changing the appearance of a distant object, ”he said.

Higher wonders can create different types of images: in the present state the distant ship appears to be floating above its true position, in other cases this optical illusion creates objects visible below the horizon.

In late February, a “floating” boat was spotted on the other end of the country, near the Scottish port city of Bonf.

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