A big whiff of silly humor to better enjoy our time

Nine years after the YouTube web series of the same name, Paris’ worst drug dealer is back for an explosive mix of silly and delicious jokes that save nothing and no one. A funny show due to bad taste and offbeat vulgarity.

Irritability or lack of anger-This is an indispensable question to watchBy the way the pico – Netflix adapted to the YouTube web series of the same name with undeniable success in 2012 – sowing confusion between panic and admiration. Perhaps because, in 2021, a period when so many people were in short supply, such a proliferation of ruthlessness and vulgarity was infinitely bold.

The stadium says it all: Cockman and Heidi are the worst drug dealers in Paris. They turn away and deceive the bourgeois youth in the 16th arrondissement with faeces instead of marijuana, and insult mothers all holy day. Luckily, Hedy’s little sister, Zlatana, has been married as pretty as she is, to Arsene van Gluten (the brilliant Fred Testot), drug baron and brioche. The opportunity to save the defective spouse. Adventures arise like sarcastic laughter, coke on the face, like stunts The mask And silly insults. A special mention to Kookman (Nissim Lis), in the Eternal Notes and Fur Coat: “Where are you going like this with the quick pull of your jump seat?” ”

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