A Belgian “Most Wanted” was arrested in the United Kingdom

A man convicted of sexual offenses in Belgium has been arrested in the United Kingdom on Tuesday, according to a Federal Police report.

This person appeared on the list of most liked people by Belgium and most liked by Europol. He will appear in London court on Wednesday to decide on his extradition.

Salipogo Umbi was convicted of several crimes, including rape, and sentenced to 13 years and 6 months in prison. Following this sentence, he was preferred by the Liege Public Prosecutor’s Office, and by the end of October 2020, he was placed on Belgium’s Most Wanted List and Europol’s Europe’s Most Wanted List.

“Based on the results of a recent investigation, the Federal Police Fast Team was able to locate the person in question in the UK a few weeks ago,” Federal Police said.

“Thanks to the optimal cooperation between the Belgian police liaison officer in the United Kingdom and several British police forces, Salipogo Umbi was arrested on the afternoon of Tuesday 23 February in the suburbs of London,” he pointed out.

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