A beautiful meeting between symbolic representatives tempts Internet users! (photo)

Almost a year after the end Stealing moneythese two actors from the Netflix series commemorated their reunion on Instagram, on Friday, September 30th.

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Captivating, moving, surprising… Stealing money Mark the history of Netflix. The platform’s first international success in a language other than English, the Spanish series, centered around the heist of the national currency factory in Madrid, has been around for nearly a year, after five seasons. The popularity was so great that many of the series’ logos, such as the red suits and Dali masks worn by the characters, have been fully adopted into popular culture. The actors themselves have gained worldwide fame.

Inspired by the series

On screen, Tokyo, Nairobi or Stockholm give their names to the thieves of this novel. If Itziar Ituño plays Inspector Raquel Murillo at first, she’ll change sides throughout the episodes by falling in love with the professor behind the heist. The policewoman will adopt the nickname Lisbon and will be at the center of the plot to its end. A few months after the end Stealing moneyThe actress renewed her collaboration with Netflix by portraying a political figure in intimidation, this summer. Currently in the middle of a promotional tour for a committed feature film, Itziar Ituño has a string of projects. And between two press conferences, the Spanish star found one of his former partners.

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this friday morning, Luca Perros He shared two snapshots of his reunion with Itziar Etonio on Instagram. This one is embodied Marseille in Parts 3 and 4 of the series. Unlike other heroes, he did not want to rob the bank. He was responsible for ensuring that phone calls between the professor and the police could not be traced. In the photos shared by the actor, it seems that they are pleased to meet in Biscay (Northern Spain), the place of residence of the actress. The best hostess in the world. I love you SIS“, Tenderly wrote in the caption. their friends from Stealing money And netizens were clearly influenced by his photos, such as Pedro Alonso alias Berlin.

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