A 9-year-old American girl survived a very rare mountain lion attack

A 9-year-old girl who was camping in Washington state, northwest of the United States, survived an extremely rare mountain lion attack on a man, said her uncle who started a cat in line.

The attack happened Saturday morning, when Lilly was “camping with her family” in the eastern part of the state, her uncle Alex Mantsevich wrote on the crowdfunding site. GoFundMe.

“She was taken by helicopter to the hospital with numerous injuries to her upper body and face,” she underwent several operations and came out of a coma on Monday, “knowing what happened to her.”

A 9-year-old American girl survived a very rare mountain lion attack

Screenshot / GOFUNDME

Her uncle’s plea for financial help, including health care costs, is accompanied by pictures of the girl on her hospital bed, her face strewn with large cuts that resemble severe scrapes.

Since 1924, mountain lions have attacked just 20 people in this wild mountain state, and two people have died, according to the Washington State Conservation Agency.

One of its spokesmen told a local TV station that they are conducting an investigation to better understand the circumstances of the attack, and that the animal’s carcass, released by a person present at the scene, will be analyzed in particular in order to detect possible diseases.

Attacks by puma, powerful cats also known as cougars and found in the Americas, are extremely rare, but the authorities recommend that if they do occur, do everything to “stay steadfast and resist”, and do not try to escape or play in the name of God Almighty.

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