A $ 7,000 water bill for a Texas car

As if things weren’t bad enough in Texas already, residents of the US state are now receiving standard water bills.

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Several Griddy customers received thousands of dollars in bills even though they only used electricity for a few days, according to CNN reports.

However, the supplier sets the market prices according to the energy cost. The problem is that this has exploded because of the interruption caused by the polar cold that hit the state in recent days.

For Griddy’s client Deandre Upshaw, the bill is roughly $ 7,000.

CNN screenshot

“It’s unbelievable!” Shouted the man. We’re in the midst of a pandemic and Texas has record temperatures. The last thing I think about trying to buy gas or groceries or make sure the pipes don’t explode is my $ 7,000 bill.

The situation is much worse for customers who have allowed the supplier to withdraw payments directly from their bank accounts.

Since their money has been withdrawn from their account, they will not be able to pay the rent.

In a statement, Griddy urged his customers to sign up for a flat rate plan to avoid trouble.

The Texas Utilities Commission is investigating the situation, but it is not known what action to take.

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