A 30-year-old man found alive after “at least three days” of being in the mud

A 31-year-old woman from Massachusetts who went missing a little over a week ago has been found alive after spending “at least three days” stuck in the mud of a swampy area of ​​Borderland State Park in the US.

“I would like to commend our officers in Easton, who blindly jumped into the water and followed the woman’s calls for help,” Easton Police Chief said in a statement reported by Global News Wednesday.

Anglophone media reported that Emma Tetiewski, 31, was found Monday after hikers heard the cries of a woman calling for help around 6 p.m.

Unable to find the source of the screams, the latter would have called the emergency services, who would have located the 30-somethings trapped in the mud “for at least three days”, and would have referred to the emergency departments in Easton and Stoughton.

Three officers are said to have advanced through 15 meters of thick bush and swamp to find the trapped woman, who did not have her cell phone. Global News said it was not determined how the latter ended up in the wrong position.

Emma Titosky was taken to the hospital with serious injuries that did not endanger her life.

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