“99%” completed, oath approves the new governance

On Monday at the session, the elected officials of the Mayen County Council recorded the evolution of the Espace Mayenne stock ownership. So they confirm the fact that it is a good thing The department that will bear the annual deficit Related to the equipment and not Laval Agglomeration, as was planned at the start of the project. The deficit this year reached 500,000 euros..

Initially, it was planned that the administration would bear the construction of the Espace Mayenne (40 million euros) and that Laval Agglomeration would bear the operating costs. Ultimately management must be reversed. 80% of the shares of SPL Espace Mayenne (Société Publique Locale) go to the County Council and 20% to Laval Agglomeration.

This change in governance, a few weeks before the final delivery of equipment, would be effective if the elected officials of Laval Agglomeration also vote in favor of it on Monday evening.

May visits?

On the Espace Mayenne construction site, West Laval, construction huts gradually leave the area. “The handover will be made in April, and the safety committee will be passed at the end of May“The county council president, Olivier Reshevo, explains.

The Pégase room is ready, the Mayenne room is not quite, and there is also some wood cladding to enhance itThe team continues. The goal is to be able to show Espace Mayenne at the beginning of May (health permitting) to the public.

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