98,395 dead in France, and the pressure on hospitals continues to mount

After a slight drop on Thursday, the number of infected patients reached Covid-19 In intensive care it began to rise again on Friday, surpassing 5,750 patients, according to daily figures from Public Health in France. There are now 5,757 COVID-19 patients in critical care services (package, intensive care, and continuous monitoring), including 498 admissions within 24 hours. Thus, this closely watched indicator is still close to the peak of the first wave (just over 7,000 patients at the start of April 2020). The peak of the second wave (just over 4,900 patients in mid-November) was surpassed at the end of March.

More than 98,000 people have died since the start of the epidemic

And Health Minister Olivier Ferrand estimated Friday that the pressure on recovery will continue “to rise for at least 15 days.” The pressure on hospital services in general remains very high as there are now 30,326 Covid patients in hospital (including 2,120 admissions within 24 hours), which is a slightly lower number compared to Thursday. Within 24 hours, 301 new deaths were recorded in hospitals, for a total of 98,395 deaths since the start of the epidemic (including 72,271 hospitalizations).

The number of new cases registered within 24 hours reached 41,243. The positivity rate, the percentage of infected people among those tested, has risen to 7.8% over the past seven days. On the level of vaccination, the Minister of Health welcomed on Twitter a new “record” that was struck on Friday: “After 437,000 yesterday, 510,000 vaccinations were carried out today all over France.” Friday evening, referring to the number of injections.

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A total of 3.6 million people have now been vaccinated, according to separate figures from the General Directorate of Health, while more than 10.5 million first doses have been injected.

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