900 were expelled by England

The British Foreign Office said on Thursday evening that 897 people had been evacuated on eight British flights from the country ravaged by deadly fighting. More flights are planned. The latest report was dated Wednesday evening and reported 536 people. Earlier on Thursday, James wisely called on UK nationals who want to leave Sudan to do so “now”, as a US-backed ceasefire ended after ten days of fighting. “If you are planning to leave, leave now,” the minister told Sky News television.

“We can’t predict exactly what will happen when the ceasefire ends, but what we do know is that getting out of Sudan will be very difficult, if not impossible,” James said sagely. “The planes are there, the room is there. We’ll get you out but we can’t guarantee when the ceasefire ends.


British passport holders and their dependents and certain foreigners are only allowed to board flights to a British military base in Cyprus if they have space clearance. From there they can reach the United Kingdom.

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