7 great games that prove the power of the next generation

The next generation is here, but it frustrates players a bit

It’s been several months since the launch of the PS5 and Xbox Series (although it’s the first still hard to find). In 9 months, the exclusive titles for the “next-gen” consoles to be released aren’t that many, and the ones that gave us the real graphic slap we’ve all come to expect are even rarer. Somewhat logical, given the already huge potential of PS4 and Xbox One, despite their age. But still, gamers are getting impatient and increasingly demanding this famous graphic gap on the latest Sony and Microsoft products. However, some games have really surprised us, and others come with huge ambitions.

Stunning graphics

Even if no one has yet been able to get hold of some of the games in the list below, the gameplay visuals that they have given us via the various trailers provided are really great. You’ll have to be patient to finally be able to play some of them, but it’s hard not to overdo it because these games give us the impression that we are the real next generation, which everyone expects and which will be real. argument for Change console generation and switch to PS5 or Xbox Series. Here are the seven games that really prove the potential of the next generation.

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