637,000 euros for the multi-activity space in Saint-Thurien – Saint-Thurien

Unable to organize a welcome party, Saint-Tourine Mayor Christine Cordrown joins his city council to send his best wishes to residents and catch a glimpse of 2021 that will be another year cut short with the health crisis. “Everything we organize is complicated. You never know how you will get there. But we are constantly adapting.”

investments. €370,000 has been invested in development work in Troysole, revegetation of the “folk” cemetery, maintenance of roads, supply of tablets, headphones and software to the school. Optical fibres, which are not under municipal control, are also being deployed. The municipality also got a mobile platform for demonstrations.

A multi-activity space. The building permit has just been granted. There will be daylight in the coming weeks, and work should begin at the start of the school year in September: “This is a great investment for the state that will be available to the associations but also to the school that will be able to afford it to make use of it every day for its activities.” The investment will be €637,000 excluding taxes with future subsidies and why not create a collegiate sports team later.

say fast

2022 will also see the final installation of the Route de Querrien baffling to reduce speed and a study to do the same on Rue de Bannalec.

Many movements have occurred in urban planning and the community hopes to increase its population. Their number was 1,053 on January 1, 2019.

The mayor regrets the disappearance of a major US soccer team that was forced to sleep due to a lack of staff, but the soccer school survives. “It’s a social and fun aspect that’s gone away, I hope it’s starting over.”

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