6 signs it’s time to take a break from your screen

Whether you have been playing video games for hours, frequently watching TikTok, or Snapping your friends, you will definitely notice that sometimes it comes time to do something else and pull the trigger. Blog.

We know that: Balanced use of screens Important for physical and mental health. Yes, screens do a lot for us, but when they are used too often or poorly, they can harm our well-being.

Here are some signs that it’s time to take a break from screens:

1. You want to throw your console out of the window

We all know that feeling when we’ve been playing video games for too long: you keep making mistakes, losing lives, and then you start to get impatient.

2. Your eyes are burning

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Signs that it’s time to get off the screen are: you have eye problems (the famous burning eyes), headaches, and then you feel more and more tired.

3. I’m starting to wonder if you have tendonitis

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By playing video games or spending time fiddling with a computer mouse, you can develop musculoskeletal disorders, such as wrist pain.

4. Your lineage is corrupt

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You’re so tired that your K/D ratio is getting really embarrassing. It’s time to take a break, otherwise you will continue to fall apart.

5. You are lost in a shady vortex on YouTube

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You wanted to watch a video about Minecraft, and you clicked on another, then another… only to realize an hour later that you were watching an excerpt from a Japanese reality show from 2002.

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6. You ‘stumble’ on Reddit

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User9745 really starts pissing you off at the best thread of flavored tube yogurt, and you realize you’re writing a 300-word post to piss him off.

Rethink screen time

There is no recommended maximum screen limit, but you can still prevent discomfort and problems with too much screen time (decreased sleep quality, increased sedentary lifestyle, body image associated with anxiety, depressive feelings…) by rethinking the activities you do. it online.

After all, they are not created equal when it comes to quality and impact on health and well-being!

Learn how to use screens in a healthy way by visiting Quebec Government website.

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