6 horror series to watch to discover on Netflix (2021 release)

Netflix It is famous for the richness of its catalog. The broadcast giant already offers a large number of films and documentaries, but it is also and above all on series that makes the difference. There are hundreds of them, and it is clear that some of them are better known than others.

Obviously, this is a problem because not all of these series are necessarily taking advantage of the spotlight they deserve.

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So we often ignore the lesser-known programs, which is quite unfortunate in the end because they can be real nuggets.

Specifically, if you have a feeling of spinning in circles, here are no less than 6 horror series that are a must-watch to discover on Netflix. Moreover, if you do not hold this type in your heart, no one will judge you, so know that here you will find a selection of SF series and there is a selection of detective series.

And we start with very cute anthology that puts different characters in the grip of terrible killers.

Slasher actually tells a different story with each episode.

Thus the first tells the story of a masked assassin who will kill a man again in a building whose victim was already a year ago. The second focuses, for its part, on an extramarital affair and the resulting killing. This is the case during the two seasons in the Netflix catalog, with no fewer than eight seasons each.

Note that the third season has already aired in Canada, but it is still not available on the platform.

This list wouldn’t be complete without American Horror Story, another anthology that is arguably among the most terrifying shows in the Netflix catalog.

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So each season tells a different story. The latter, for example, took place in 1984 and focuses on a secluded American summer camp where five friends will be recruited. Everything will be fine until the Merry Troops fall into awe.

One before jumps several years into the future. The world as we knew it no longer exists. Most people have already died after a nuclear disaster. This season’s story revolves around a group of electors trying to survive in the shelter of a mysterious organization.

Note that Netflix offers no fewer than nine seasons. So you will have a lot to do.

Another essential chain that was impossible to ignore.

The Haunting of Bly Manor is indeed a monument in its own right and it deserves to be on this list more than it deserves. The story follows the adventures of a housekeeper who will be employed in a large English mansion to care for two orphans. However, you will quickly realize that something is wrong.

You might think the story is somewhat conventional, but it isn’t, and The Haunting of Bly Manor knows how to be surprising in many ways. Origin of The Haunting of Hill House.

What a great move! Tje Haunting of Hill House also deserves your attention.

The series focuses on members of the same family, individuals divided across the country and who share a common past, tied to a home where horrific events occurred. The story is well done and the characters are very likable.

But the real heroine in the end is the house and this strange red room that seems to be the key to her understanding …

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Ghost Wars is arguably one of the most underrated series on the platform which is a shame because it is not lacking in interest.

The events take place in Alaska and focus on Roman Mercer, an isolated man who seems like an alien but who will soon become key to the survival of the entire population. Since the city is under attack from demonic creatures, he is in fact the only person with enough powers to hold back the invaders.

The story is good and the series can count on the help of several major titles. Avan Jogia, Kim Coates, and Vincent d’Onofrio add a very personal touch to the plot.

In my opinion, The Mist is one of those series that did not achieve the success it deserves.

Inspired by Stephen King’s short story, the series is set in a small town that, on a good morning, will find itself trapped in strange fog. A fog that people dare to enter against terrible creatures that seem to have come straight out of their minds.

The action is followed by a handful of survivors who will do everything in their power to try to see the sunrise again.

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