6 announcements expected in Apple’s keynote April 20, 2021

After several weeks of rumors, the news is now official: Apple will hold a keynote on April 20, 2021. No iPhone at the start of the year, but new iPads are very likely if Apple sticks to its regular schedule.

Since the conference was formalized, the guessing game has begun in full swing. Will Apple only unveil new iPads? Will we finally find out about AirTags? Will Apple TV be updated to 2017? We are doing an evaluation The six most anticipated announcements for the “Sping Loaded” keynote on April 20th.

The iPad Pro is clearly

Probability: sure / certain / 10

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We are sure that Apple will unveil the new iPad Pro on April 20. Or rather the new iPad Pro. As with every renewal of the range, the US should reject its flagship tablet in two versions of the 11 and 12.9 inches.

According to the latest rumors, they will both ship a new chip that includes the M1 architecture installed in the latest Macs. It suffices to make the iPad Pro a more reliable medium to build and play. But also so that Apple can replicate that the iPad Pro can replace a computer.

If the design of the new iPad Pro had to stay somewhat similar, the 12.9-inch model’s display could be fine Based on mini-LED technology. Anyway, this is what the recent rumors indicate. There is still no OLED display as mini-LED relies on LCD technology.

Finally, the new iPad Pro could be accompanied by a The third generation of Apple Pencil.

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iPad mini, maybe

Probability: not sure at all / 10

IPad mini 5

Photo: Apple

IPad mini is a family favorite. While the collection has been completely revamped, the smaller model will soon be celebrating its third year. And 3 years, for an iPad, it starts to feel like a Lightning port.

Especially since its release, IPad mini wasn’t really the latest. Its design resumed the old versions, with wide borders around the screen. A little bit of fresh blood won’t hurt him.

If Apple introduces a non-Pro iPad, there it is Big chances to be iPad mini.


Probability: hypé / 10

27-inch iMac

© Apple

Last year, Apple promised to revise its Mac lineup over a two-year period by integrating its homemade chips. It has been a year now and Only 13-inch MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, and Mac mini With M1 chip.

According to some rumors, Apple could release new machines that run with its own homemade chips. Most anticipated, iMac. The Pommé desktop computer is one of those high-tech products that has a special aura.

However, Tim Cook is also expected to take the floor during the second half of the year to introduce a new generation of MacBook Pro, perhaps equipped with a new, more powerful configuration. Will you wait for Apple to launch the iMac at the same time? Answer in a few days.

The next generation of Apple TV

Probability: low chance / 10


© iPhon.fr

Apple isn’t in the habit of regularly renewing the Apple TV. The last available version dates back to 2017, and while it is still among the best TVs on the market, it is small Update It will not harm him.

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It turns out well, Apple will prepare the Apple TV more fully From the 2017 model year. It will include a connected speaker and hence be a mix between Apple TV as we know it The HomePod is small. It will also have a webcam for you to communicate via video.

The problem: Bloomberg revealed that the product in question is only in the early stages of development. So he won’t be ready for a conference in a few days.

If Apple TV was announced on April 20, it would be Previous updateWith a faster processor, increased storage capacity and a 120Hz frequency, to improve your gaming experience on Apple Arcade.

AirPods 3, the “rest”

Probability: Ray Charles / 10

Airpods 2 are open

© Presse-citron.net

AirPods are arguably among the most popular Apple products. Although, From AirPods Pro Launched in 2019, nothing new in the tropics, Americans favored Bet on your AirPods Max.

A few days before the keynote speech, prof The dropout Just posted Image supposed to be AirPods 3 On Weibo. Forged? It’s hard to say because leaks related to this product are still rare

For now, we only know that the charging box will be more compact and the design is slightly revised. Very scanty information for such a popular product.

AirTags, once again

Potential: AirPower / 10


© The Mac Observer

AirTags are a bit like the AirPower of the 2000s. We anticipate it with each new keyword, with each keyword being evident by its absence.

Recent rumors point to a competing geolocation system from Tile called AirTags.

Like Samsung SmartTags, Thus AirTags will be able to geolocate Precisely the location of the thing they are pinned on. Apple has even developed the allow feature Locate the said object in augmented reality.

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Will the April 20 show be the right one? There is little chance. a second.

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