5,000 Afghani evacuees by the United States will be resettled in Canada

These refugees will be accepted under the recently announced Humanitarian Resettlement Program, he said at a news conference Tuesday morning in Ottawa.

The agreement reached with the United States on this issue will also create space in the transit areas hosting thousands of these Afghans.

A large part of the Afghans who were evacuated from their country until the end of last week thanks to the airlift have found refuge in US bases in third countries, particularly in the Persian Gulf.

At the US air base in Ramstein, Germany, about 23,000 urgently evacuated Afghans are crammed into difficult conditions, reports our correspondent Tamara Altrescu.

They lived in tents. It’s a base turned into a refugee camp […] From day twoas you say. The staff is completely overwhelmed.

Many of these Afghans do not have passports or identity cards, which can complicate regular inspections and delay their departure to other countries.

The Afghans Canada welcomes at risk of retaliation from the Taliban have been the country’s new masters for just over two weeks.

This includes people who have cooperated with Western armies that have fought the Taliban for the past 20 years, as well as human rights defenders and members of ethnic minorities or the LGBT community.

Canada has pledged to take in 20,000 Afghans who meet these criteria.

Minister Mendicino did not say how many Afghans had actually arrived in Canada. He simply said 450 people had completed quarantine and were hosted in 14 separate communities.

Last Thursday, after announcing the end of Canadian military operations at Kabul airport, he indicated that more than 1,000 recently evacuees were on Canadian soil.

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Canadians are still in Afghanistan

For his part, Canadian Foreign Minister Marc Garneau said that about 1,250 Canadians, permanent residents of Canada, or members of their families are still in Afghanistan today. He did not say whether these people wanted to leave Afghanistan or not.

This is the first time that the Canadian government has provided a quantitative estimate of the number of Canadians who had not been evacuated from Afghanistan before Canada halted its operations last week.

According to Minister Garneau, this assessment could not previously have been made, as it took time to determine how many Canadians, permanent residents and their families had left Afghanistan on flights operated by a third country.

Minister Mendicino said vulnerable Canadians and Afghans who were unable to evacuate the Canadian military should still be able to leave the country in the near future.

Over the weekend, Canada and its allies received assurances from the Taliban that Afghan citizens had permission to travel […] You will be able to leave Afghanistan safely, He said.

We have a clear commitment from the Taliban, and we will make sure they stick to it.

According to Minister Garneau, this is First real test This will allow the international community to judge the Taliban’s ability to honor its commitments.

While waiting for civilian flights to resume at Kabul airport, which the US has just left, Ottawa is calling on its citizens and the Afghans it must welcome to stay in place until further notice.

However, Canada’s foreign minister said he would speak to his Pakistani counterpart later Tuesday to ensure Islamabad facilitates the passage of those who come to the border with valid Canadian documents.

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