50% of fully vaccinated adults have crossed the milestone in the United States

The White House announced Tuesday that the milestone for 50% of adults fully vaccinated against COVID-19 has passed in the United States.

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More than 60% of adults (approximately 160 million people) have already received at least one dose of one of the three vaccines approved in the country.

“Now 50% of all American adults are fully vaccinated! Cyrus Shopper, who is in charge of data monitoring at the White House, tweeted. This means that these individuals received the vaccine from Moderna or Pfizer / Bioentech, or received a single injection of the vaccine from Johnson & Johnson.

After a sluggish start in late 2020, the administration of President Joe Biden launched a mass vaccination campaign.

However, the pace of this immunization campaign had a downward decline from mid-April to mid-May because much suspicion or indifference had to be achieved.

However, the number of daily vaccinations has recently begun to increase slightly. The vaccine for Pfizer’s solution was opened to adolescents from the age of 12 about two weeks ago, and several incentive schemes have been set up for those who have been vaccinated (such as lotteries).

The president has set a goal of having at least one dose for 70% of adults in the United States by the July 70 national holiday.

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