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Nicknamed ‘Little Messi’, Zain Ali Salman is a 5-year-old boy who was fortunate enough to be recruited by the prestigious Arsenal club. A real phenomenon of the round ball on social networks.

His dribbling and handling of the ball are instantly reminiscent of Lionel Messi’s. Zain Ali Salman is only five years old, but his playing style is very similar to that of the Paris Saint-Germain player. His golden feet allow him to hope for a brilliant career that starts very early: the young Englishman has been signed by London club Arsenal. It is a phenomenon that has been invited to many shows, including on the BBC.

Young Zain Ali, whose mother is French, is so talented that he sometimes has to train with players as young as 10, making one or two more heads than him. without downgrading. However, his early pace begs the question: Is it appropriate to make him such a young star? On social networks, thousands of people follow his bodybuilding progress as well as his partnership with a children’s brand.

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