5 Notes: Inoculate rhymes with deconfined sports

The announcement of the disassembly schedule brought a lot of good news last week. Above all, he drew a smile on the faces of sporting and athletic stakeholders across Quebec.

Prime Minister Francois Legault likes to rhyme words to calm the mood since the start of the pandemic. I have one for him: “Vaccinate rhymes with degenerate sports!”

Many sports federations and their members now know when to resume normal activities: June 11th. They have suffered a lot in the last year. They have all been victims of a marked drop in their records and a huge shortage of their lockers.

Government aid provided part of the gap in their respective budgets. It will take a few years before unions can recover.

What about athletes? Their daily lives were turned upside down for more than a year. We do not yet know the true impact of the epidemic on them. The first reports can be daunting.

Many young people lost the drive to play sports in the past year. At the moment, we don’t know how many people are in this state. Will they return to the sports arenas from the first day of dismantling? Nothing is certain, which is a sad fact.

For the rest, it would be nice to see the gardens filled with soccer and baseball training in the coming weeks. It will benefit everyone.

In standby mode

On the other hand, everything is not perfect. There are still many unanswered questions.

Will Montreal Tennis Championships be held in August? Will Alouette be able to start the 14-match season as planned? Will FC Montreal be able to play a match in Montreal this summer?

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These organizations are still awaiting approvals from various levels of public health. If they have a listening ear at the municipal and county levels, it’s a different kettle of fish at the federal level. It has been inflexible for several months, especially with mandatory quarantines.

This action causes a headache for professional teams, athletes and international event organizers. He caused cancellations and forced the teams to immigrate to the US to participate in their tour activities.

It’s ludicrous to see an athlete, like the submarine Jennifer Abel, being quarantined when she returns home after a competition. She was unable to train for 14 days while she was in the final stage of her Olympiad preparations. Does not make sense.

There is worse. We do not see the end of this measure in sight. As long as it is in effect, the sport in Canada will suffer.

How about a fall?

We know what to expect in the summer. to fall down? It remains difficult to predict whether indoor sports will be able to return to a certain normal condition.

On the other hand, I don’t understand why this is not the case. The vaccination will be completed. In Quebec, the mask requirements should be raised.

What would it take for thousands of hockey, judok, gymnasts and karatekas to be able to find their favorite sports? The complete disappearance of the virus?

Hopefully the logic will be thrown. However, since March 2020, the pandemic has taught us one thing: We must not take anything for granted. A sentence to keep in mind for years to come.

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CH should broaden his horizons

General - football player Audrey Robert

Photo Archive, QMI

Hayley Wickenheiser et al Danielle Joyette They are part of the Raptor Maple Leaves player development department. A sign of the dawn of a new era. In Canadian? There is no. It is not the competence that Quebec lacks. I could have seen Daniel Sauvago working with Joel Bouchard or Dominic Ducharme. Her skills are evident, but she should have a chance to prove it.

My destiny won the dessert prize

Nazem Qadri He was suspended for eight matches for a head kick This is the sixth time in his career that he has been suspended during the qualifiers. Avalanche striker deserved at least twice as much, but the NHL still missed the boat. There is no doubt about the intention of the Qadri gesture. What more would it take for disciplinary governor George Barros? It is he who has the safety of the players in his hands. One wonders if this isn’t a very big responsibility with everything that happened in the past month at Pitman.

Anger will put the final nail

We’ll be fighting a third fight between Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury. It is an arbitration award that decided that. Fury did not let the case drag on and signed his contract over the weekend. The WBC Heavyweight Champion should win if he wants to face Anthony Joshua later in 2021. On the athletic level, one can get a copy and paste of the second shock that Fury has dominated. For Wilder, this is a decisive battle. Decisive defeat could be the end of his career.

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Serious injury to “Shabu”.

Because a shoulder injury bothered him for some time, Denis Shapovalov He decided to skip the Roland Garros Open, which kicks off this week. The wise decision was taken comfortably. It’s a shame because he’s had such a good streak for the past few weeks. After an honorable defeat by Rafael Nadal in Rome, he lost in the Geneva Championship final to Casper Rudd on Saturday.

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