5 foods to avoid if you snore at night

Does your half prevent you from sleeping because of her snoring? British nutritionist Ashley Tosh believes that certain foods, especially when eaten in the evening, can increase the severity or frequency of this often annoying habit, the daily reported. the sun.

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Here are 5 foods to avoid if you snore at night:

Dairy products

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Eating yogurt, cheese, or ice cream can make snoring worse.

“Lactose increases mucus production, which can contribute to making you snore,” Tosh says.

sugary foods or drinks

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In general, it is advised to reduce your sugar intake, but this is even more true if you tend to snore.

“Eating large amounts of processed sugar can cause sore throats and nasal passages,” says the nutritionist. “It is best to avoid sweets, biscuits, sweets and soft drinks at night if you want to stop snoring.”


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Processed wheat, found in most breads and pastries, can cause inflammation in your nasal passages and sinuses, which can worsen snoring.

Foods that contain wheat can also increase molecules that stimulate mucus production.

“To reduce snoring, it is wise to choose foods that are gluten-free,” says the nutritionist.

fatty meat


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Eating meat, especially meat that is high in fat, can also cause snoring due to the high levels of protein and saturated fats that stimulate mucus production.

“It’s best to choose lean meats or avoid all meats completely before going to bed,” says Ashley Tosh. However, the latter recommends anti-inflammatory foods such as vegetables, fruits, salmon, nuts, avocados, and olive oil.

Fast food

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The nutritionist is categorical: it is absolutely essential to avoid eating junk food before going to bed.

“It’s significantly altered, which means it can lead to respiratory congestion, and therefore potentially make snoring worse,” she says.

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