4K and 60fps confirmed for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S versions.

Announced on June 11, 2020 during the first PS5 conference, the next generation “E&E” (expanded and improved, which we can translate as expanded and improved) version of GTA V was top secret. While waiting for the official announcements of Rockstar Games (the game’s developers), it is the German subsidiary of PlayStation who assures us the capital information we all have come to expect.

GTA V and Los Santos in 4K and 60fps on consoles

our colleagues From Rockstar Mag’ I spotted on the German PlayStation blog some interesting information about the next generation release of GTA V. In an article about the most awaited games of the end of the year on PS4 and PS5, PlayStation confirms what we’ve all been waiting for. 4K and 60fps will be part of the new version of GTA V from November 11th.

Have you ever played the ultimate gangster saga on PS3? And again on PS4? Are you really tired of Los Santos? Of course not, and that’s exactly why Grand Thef Auto V in its expanded and optimized version for PS5 should be at the top of your wish list. You’ve never seen the crime city of Los Santos so beautiful, when the skyline shines in 4K thanks to a bold graphics refresh and you can make your way through the city so smoothly thanks to the 60fps rate.

We were also able to refer you to We have 16 predictions for the match in MayResolution in 4K and 60fps was necessary for this new version of the title. While Rockstar Games has yet to communicate on this point since the game was announced, we can be reassured thanks to PlayStation Germany.

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While waiting for info (and first images) for this next-gen release on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, GTA V is coming To surpass the 150 million copies sold mark. So far, we know that this new version of the game will appear EXCLUSIVE CONTENT on PS5 and Xbox and it won’t be” simple load According to publisher Take Two Interactive.

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