45 kg of gods salmon found on a beach in Oregon

It is an abyss fish that usually lives in the depths of the ocean. The “salmon of the gods” weighing 45 kg was recently discovered on a beach in Oregon, USA. A rare occurrence.

This fish – nicknamed the “Salmon of the Gods”, but also the Royal Lambreau, Sunfish or Oba – was found trapped. Sunset Beach, Off the coast of northwest Oregon. If this phenomenon is very rare, according to the city’s fisheries experts, this is not the first time such a fish has been found in the area. In 2019, a specimen was caught at the mouth of the Columbia River.

A “very exciting” discovery

However, General Manager Keith ChandlerAquarium D Coastal Area, The species is generally found in more temperate and tropical waters, and is happy to find such “rare” and “good” fish. “These are beautiful cold fish that we don’t usually see on shore,” he told CNN, adding that the discovery was “very exciting for the locals.”

In Release Facebook, Keith Chandler explained that this “salmon of the gods” was collected before other animals came to spoil it and stored in one of the large freezers in the coastal fishery. In fact, the company already plans to split it with a local organization, the Columbia River Maritime Museum. An incredible opportunity to learn more about this incredible species, according to Keith Chandler.

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