4:03 a.m. – Coronavirus: Update on the global pandemic

New measures, new reports, and highlights: An update on the latest developments in the Covid-19 pandemic around the world.

Biden announces that it has reached the goal of 100 million vaccines on Friday

US President Joe Biden announced Thursday that the goal of 100 million vaccinations against Covid-19 will be reached during his first 100 days in office on Friday, several weeks before.

AstraZeneca vaccine is “safe and effective,” according to the European Medicines Agency

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) said Thursday that the AstraZeneca vaccine, which has been suspended in several European countries, is “safe and effective”.

About fifteen European countries have discontinued the use of the vaccine pending the opinion of the EMA. Italy, Spain, Germany and France in particular announced Thursday evening the resumption of vaccination with this product, but Norway and Sweden prefer to postpone.

AstraZeneca welcomes regulators’ conclusions on vaccine safety

On Thursday, AstraZeneca welcomed the conclusions of British and European regulators regarding the safety of its coronavirus vaccine, in a press release published by the Anglo-Swedish group.

Bulgaria: Tighten measures

Bulgaria announced tighter restrictions on Thursday. Schools, universities, restaurants, theaters, cinemas, malls, casinos and gyms will be closed from Monday for a period of ten days.

The United States is on a plateau despite the vaccinations

The number of new cases of Covid-19 remains at a high level in the United States despite one in eight Americans being vaccinated, according to data released Thursday from the US Centers for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC).

About 53,000 new cases were recorded every day on average over the past week and the number of cases is increasing in 15 states and territories, especially in the northeast, which can be explained by the spread of the more contagious British variant.

France: Confined to 16 constituencies

About 20 million French people, including residents of the Paris region, will be imprisoned again from Friday for a month, but on more flexible terms than during previous births.

French Prime Minister Jean Castex announced, on Thursday evening, a round of sanitary bolts in 16 departments, including those in the Paris region and the north of the country, with the closure of non-essential stores and limited possibilities for trips, but schools remain open.

Damascus: Saturation due to Covid

On Thursday, a Ministry of Health official announced that the intensive care units designated for the Covid-19 virus in the Syrian capital, Damascus, have reached the saturation stage. This is the first time that the Syrian authorities have issued such an announcement since the beginning of the outbreak.

Restrictions on the land borders of Mexico

The Mexican Foreign Ministry said, Thursday, that the Mexican government will limit unnecessary land transit to its northern and southern borders from Friday, to contain the spread of COVID-19.

Boris Johnson reassures the British vaccination campaign

The British government wanted to be reassured on Thursday in the face of concerns about declining vaccine supplies, which could slow the vaccination campaign. Prime Minister Boris Johnson said: “There is no change to the next steps on the road map.”

More than 2.68 million deaths

The epidemic has killed at least 2682032 people worldwide since the start of the epidemic, according to a report prepared by Agence France-Presse from official sources Thursday at 11:00 GMT.

The United States is the country with the largest number of deaths (539,321), followed by Brazil (287,499), Mexico (195908), India (159,216) and the United Kingdom (125,831).

These figures, which are based on the daily reports of health authorities without including statistically based reassessments, are generally underestimated.

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