3rd edition in a redesigned space (Charleroi)

The Carolingian and Walloon Artists Committee puts their bags until December 31 at Ville 2 shopping center.

From Tuesday, November 9 to December 31, the De Passage Commission, with the support of the Comptosite-based Comptoir des ressources Créatives de Charleroi, has launched a third edition of its pop-up store.

So, in previous editions, artists welcomed their clients into the city center. This year, it’s all happening at Ville 2 Shopping Center. The space where Pimkie is installed has been completely redesigned to present the best work of the fifty participating artists.

There, it will be possible to find unique gifts presented to the public in the spirit of the short-circuit and local, whether in terms of beauty and decor, luxury, furniture or even textiles.“We chose to settle in Ville 2 to reach a new audience and take advantage of the infrastructures that offer us multiple possibilities, Explains Colette Verstraiten, Communications Officer at Comptoir des Ressources Créatives de Charleroi. The principle of this ephemeral boutique is to put forward the expertise of artists and designers in a participatory approach where each in turn welcomes clients to exchange and offer first-hand advice.”

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