3,000 cases per day in Quebec by the end of the year?

A significant increase in COVID-19 cases is expected during and after the holiday season, as the Omicron variant could replace Delta “in a very short period of time.”

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Quebec could therefore have more than 3,000 daily cases by the end of the year if the province maintains or increases its transmission levels, according to new Public Health Canada models submitted Friday.

If health measures reduce transmission by 15%, pollution may remain at the current level in Quebec, or approximately 2,000 cases of contamination per day.

The rate of Omicron infection, which is assumed to be higher than the delta variant, could have accelerated the increase in cases that had already been expected during the leave weeks.

“In light of the increase in the daily number of cases, there are concerns that national trends in severity may also start to rise,” said Dr. Howard Ngo, Deputy Director of Public Health Canada (PHAC).

Like the UK, where Omicron cases double every two to three days, there is a “high probability” that the same will happen here.

Only 80 cases of Omicron have been detected in Canada so far, about half of them in Ontario alone.

“Although disease activity has subsided in many areas hard hit by wave 4, late data on hospitalization and ICU admissions still indicate that the number of cases is high and health is being pushed to its limits,” Dr. Ngo added.

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The Omicron variant “could reduce the vaccine’s protection against infection, but a certain level of protection against serious disease is likely to remain” in those who have been double vaccinated, he is optimistic.

The trajectory of the epidemic in the country has rebounded since the beginning of November.

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