3 biographies to watch on Netflix this weekend

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The most hated woman in America

The most hated woman in AmericaImage credit – Beth Dubber / Netflix

A biography that traces the police investigation into the disappearance of Madalene Murray O’Hare, the main character of American atheism who founded the Atheist Society of America and who fought for the separation of state and society. the church.

Blues Ma Renee

Blues Ma Renee

Blues Ma ReneeImage Credit – David Lee / Netflix

Adapted from August Wilson’s play “Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom”, which features blues singer Ma Rainey as Viola Davis.

Tensions mount and spirits flare up during a recording session in Chicago in the 1920s, as many musicians await the legendary Ma Rainey, the avant-garde artist nicknamed “Mother of the Blues.” Arriving late, the bold and volcanic Ma Rainey embarks on a confrontation with her white manager and producer, determined to impose their artistic choices on her. While the musicians wait in the rehearsal room, aspiring trumpeter Levi, drawn to a friend, is determined to find his place in the music scene. He drives his comrades into confidence, and stirs up a flood of tales, facts and lies that will forever disturb the course of their lives …

Imitation game

Imitation game

Imitation gameImage Source – Creator: Jack English Copyright: Black Bear Pictures

The genius mathematician Alan Turing was commissioned by the British authorities, in 1939, to break Enigma, the secret symbol used by the Germans. Mission of great importance because this discovery could end the war. He works tirelessly on the teams gathered at Bletchley Park. Alan Turing’s relationships with his colleagues Hugh Alexander, Denniston and Knock are complicated, because the world is antisocial.

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