3 billion passwords were compromised

(Agence Ecofin) – 3.2 billion combinations of email accounts and their passwords were the subject of an unprecedented leak a few days ago. The cyber attack, dubbed COMB (literally compiling many flaws), was discovered by specialist website CyberNews.

The leak, revealed in open access and exploitable in a forum of hackers on the dark web, mainly concerns Gmail and Hotmail accounts, but also LinkedIn and Netflix.

In total, 15.2 billion accounts were hacked, according to reports by CyberNews, which created A. Search Engine To allow internet users to verify the compromised accounts.

If setMother of all leaks“This cyber attack is not the result of new piracy, as experts have emphasized. Rather, it will be, in fact, a wide range of information obtained during various forays into the systems of the web giants.”

However, calls have since multiplied to beef up account controls against users.

Octave Bruce

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