28,844 doctors were registered to be vaccinated next week, and pharmacists are running out of patience

While nearly 29,000 liberal physicians have registered to be vaccinated next week with AstraZeneca, many pharmacist representatives lament that they too have not been able to get vaccinated.

There are only a few days left before the vaccination begins in the city doctors’ offices. As of February 25, 30,000 private doctors, most of them general practitioners, will be able to offer their patients between the ages of 50 and 64 with co-diseases for their Covid vaccination with AstraZeneca. This announcement was widely welcomed by the medical unions, which condemned for several weeks the slow implementation of the vaccination campaign in the city.

For pharmacists, on the other hand, we will have to wait a little longer. The latter will actually be able to be vaccinated against Covid but not immediately. according to ParisianAs quoted by the General Directorate of Health, the decree that allows them to start vaccination must appear “during the month of March.” “It’s too late”Gilles Bonnefond, president of Uspo, commented in the columns of the daily.

Representatives of doctors are not of the same opinion. In an interview with Franceinfo Dr. Jean-Paul Hammon, Honorary President of the Federation of French Doctors (FMF), announced on February 3: “When you are on the first vaccination, the doctor must do so.”Adding that “However, pharmacists and midwives must learn how to manage anaphylactic shock and get the adrenaline.”.

On Wednesday again, the Liberal Doctors Syndicate (SML) said in a press release that they were still “opposed to the initial vaccination by pharmacists,” ensuring “no delay in denunciations on the part of willing liberal physicians who had particularly mobilized for the vaccination.” The association launched “Medical Skills Cannot Be Imposed,” which also testified to the limited number of doses.

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For the president of the National Council of Pharmacists’ Syndicate, Karen Wolf Tal– “If the issue of fighting the epidemic is speed, then the vaccine must be injected as soon as it is received in the patient’s arm.”. “It does not matter that there are not enough doses! It does not matter whether it is the doctor, the pharmacist, the midwife, or the nurse who feeds. By limiting this vaccination to doctors only, we risk delaying it and I do not think we can tolerate it.”, She said Parisian.

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For his part, President of the Federation of Pharmaceutical Unions in France Philippe Bisset pointed to another problem. “With approximately 29,000 doctors who will each receive ten doses, that means there will be about 260,000 doses left in government refrigerators, which cannot be used immediately.” In response to a question on this issue, the Ministry specified that the remaining doses would either be added to the delivery of the following week, or pharmacies would “pay” the volunteer doctors, who would then receive more than a vial of ten doses.

If allowed to vaccinate, Jill Bonifond assures him that the pharmacists will be “organisation”. We’ll have a list of questions to ask. If a person has a history of allergies, or is not sure of themselves, they will be referred to a doctor. It’s a project, we don’t take any risks. “As with the flu vaccine.

Since the beginning of the crisis, our profession has been there. I do not understand why the government does not rely more on this resource. “Karen Wolff criticized Taal, who is also concerned about the thousands of French who live in the medicinal deserts.

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[avec Le Parisien]

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