2,250+ mm of rain: For the first time in 164 years

Sydney has had its wettest year since 1858, when records were set. Rain in central Sydney on Thursday saw the city surpass the previous record of 2,194 millimeters, which was set in 1950. More rain is expected in the coming days, which could cause more flooding in the eastern states of Australia.

Australia in the bathroom

Over the past month, Australia has seen torrential rains that have forced residents to flee their homes, as rivers overflowed and water rose around Sydney, northern New South Wales (NSW) and southern Queensland.

Worse: More rain is expected for the rest of 2022 due to the rare third consecutive appearance of La Nina, a weather system that usually brings rainy and windy summers.

Increased risk of flooding

As spring and summer come to an end, we’re still in active La Nina, so Australia will have to expect increasingly heavy rain, increasing flood risks, according to Met Office meteorologist Jonathan Howe.

In the first nine months of this year, the Sydney Hill Observatory, which measures precipitation in the New South Wales capital, received 2,100 mm of rain, about 175% of the average, according to CNN meteorologists.

Possible flash flood

October is usually the second driest month of the year, but this year rainfall has fallen in 13 of the past 15 days, and the city has received nearly a month of rain in one week.


Authorities are warning residents of the possibility of flash floods.

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