2022 Olympics: The United Kingdom announces it will boycott the Beijing Olympics

After the United States and Australia, the United Kingdom announced that Beijing would like to diplomatically boycott the Winter Olympics.

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LBritish Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Wednesday declared a “diplomatic boycott” of the Beijing Winter Olympics, in which “no minister” in his government plans to surrender.

Boris Johnson said during a weekly question-and-answer session in parliament that “diplomatic boycott will be a reality at the Beijing Winter Olympics”, stressing that boycotting sports is not his government’s “policy.” The United States and Australia have already announced similar measures.

Earlier today, Australia announced it would send its athletes, but announced a diplomatic boycott of next year’s Olympics in China, due to human rights violations in the People’s Republic of China, especially Beijing’s reluctance to meet with Muslim-majority Xinjiang (northwest) and Australian authorities. For discussions.

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