200 million doses of Govt vaccine are administered worldwide

More than 200 million COVID vaccines are administered worldwide, but their distribution is unequal between rich and poor countries waiting for the lion’s share.

At 10:00 GMT on Saturday, at least 201,042,149 levels were administered in at least 107 countries or territories, according to AFP accounts from official sources. However, this figure has been underestimated since February 9 when China and Russia did not report the data.

About 45% of the G7’s rich countries, home to only 10% of the world’s population, were vaccinated.

Its seven members (United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Japan) on Friday pledged to support better distribution with poorer countries, particularly through funding from the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Coalition for Vaccines (Kavi).

To date, more than nine out of ten doses (92%) are administered in “high” or “upper middle” (as defined by the World Bank) countries, while in 29 countries “low-income, Guinea and Rwanda have begun vaccination.

About 1.84 billion people, or a small fraction (23.6%) of the world’s population, still live in unvaccinated countries.

Many poor countries are waiting for the first delivery of Kovacs, which has already been postponed several times.

Israel is by far the most advanced country, although almost half (49%) of its population has at least one needle. One in three Israelis (33%) received both doses and completed the vaccination process.

United Kingdom (25%), United States (13%), Chile (12%), Seychelles (43%), Bahrain (16%) and Maldives (12%). In addition, there is the United Arab Emirates, which pays 25% to 50% of their population, depending on the number of sizes they administer, but this does not give a more accurate figure on the number of persons involved.

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At absolute value, the United States dominates (59.6 million doses), more than China (40.5 million on February 9), the United Kingdom (17.5 million), India (10, 7 million) and Israel (7.1 million).

The 27 countries of the European Union accumulate 26 million volumes, which governs 3.8% of the population. Malta (9.2%) is in the lead, followed by France, Germany or Spain.

North America, Europe, Israel and the Gulf countries have largely opted for vaccines developed by Pfizer-Bioentech (American-German) and Moderna (American). Pfizer / Bioendech sizes are also managed in Japan and New Zealand.

Much of Europe is vaccinated with Swedish-British doses of AstraZeneca / Oxford, which also spreads to countries such as India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh or Morocco.

India also relies on a locally developed vaccine called Bharat Biotech.

The Sputnik V vaccine is administered in Russia, Russia, Argentina, Iran, Algeria and Venezuela. Russia is also providing small doses of the epivorone vaccine from the Vector Laboratory.

Two Chinese vaccines developed by Sinoform are being administered specifically in the Emirates, Bahrain, Seychelles, Egypt, Zimbabwe and Serbia. Sinovak, especially in Indonesia, Brazil and Turkey. Cancino’s vaccine, the Chinese language, is also approved in Mexico, but not yet administered there.

Johnson & Johnson’s US vaccine is currently administered only in South Africa. It is the only single-dose COVID vaccine administered worldwide today, while others require two injections.

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