20 more goals per season thanks to changes to the VAR system

With the Premier League returning to RMC Sport on Friday, the use of VAR will see several changes this season, including the advantage of doubt given to the striker in the event of a controversial situation.

D-1 before the start of the 2021-2022 Premier League season. Brentford and Arsenal will be first on the track on Friday (9pm on RMC Sport 1) to launch this new workout. It may also be the first to try out the new guidelines that have been developed for using video assistive technology.

More flexibility in attack, and an extra 20 goals per season in the Premier League?

The biggest change that will come to the British Championship fears The benefit of the doubt given to an attacker in the event of a highly controversial offside. According to Premier League referee Mike Riley, he should “add 20 goals” that would have been rejected without this flexibility. Another method for calculating the famous imaginary line between defender and striker, as well as a different viewing angle than that used by broadcasters, will be applied, all in such a way as to facilitate interpretation of the situation by the central referee. .

Another case is also studied regarding incidents in which the assistant referee was ordered to keep the flag low so that play could continue, even if the attacking player was already off. Mike Riley explains: “There have been certain situations where the player has been clearly offside at five meters and where we leave play to the end by sometimes resorting to video refereeing.” “What we’re encouraging now is that the assistant referees are pointing out, because there will be much fewer parts of the game that will frustrate people.”

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Referees with microphones, automated technology to punish offside… The next football is being built

At the same time, FIFA and Ifab – the body that legislates the rules of football – is advancing the possibility of making the decision-making process of referees more transparent, in order to better communicate with fans. One option, like the NFL referees in the United States, might be to see an official holding a microphone briefly explaining his decision, which would then be broadcast over stadium speakers.

Finally, it can equally change the game and the way of managing, a new automated technology Who can immediately testify to an offside situation or not Under development. FIFA hopes to have it available from the World Cup in Qatar in 2022, in order to reduce the time for verification with VAR from around 30 seconds today to just a few seconds.

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