$2.5 million investment in Les armoires NAC | business | exhibition

JThanks to this significant investment, NAC Safes will be able to further develop the automation of their finishing processes.

“This is a major investment for us that will materialize in the fall of 2021,” says Stéphane Fortier, president of the company.

It indicates that the demand for their products is constantly increasing. “This year, we achieved a 60% increase compared to the best year in the past.”

The investment will also allow the manufacturer to carry out expansion work of 10,000 square feet. “We are very proud of the team we have in two plants. This investment will support and expand it. In addition, we will have more flexibility in terms of production in order to continue targeting new markets,” adds Vice President of Operations, Sebastien Mador.

Consolidation of existing functions is one of the essential elements of the head of the company. Other jobs should also be created in the coming months. “The goal is really to maintain and increase the existing jobs by about thirty,” says Mr. Fortier. Les armoires NAC currently has about 100 employees.

Well-stocked order book

NAC Safes can count on many new customers coming from the United States in particular from the East Coast through the Midwest and Texas. “Most of the construction-related companies have big increases. We had already started expanding our distribution network across the United States before the pandemic.”

Stéphane Fortier assures that other investments will come in the coming years for Les armoires NAC. He concludes that “the company is now moving”.

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