15 kitchens without tall units to save space

Forget the pre-set icons for ages in the kitchen. This central room in the house frees itself to become more and more functional – or simple according to tastes – by erasing its traditionally raised furniture. The kitchen showcases its crave for sophisticated decor, and kitchen designers vie for beautiful ideas and materials to suit this sudden need for simplicity behind fireplaces.

How to adopt a kitchen without tall cabinet?

Rest assured, this new decorating fad doesn’t mean losing comfort in the kitchen. Conversely, a kitchen without a tall cabinet can be appreciated for its ability to free the walls or at least try to lighten them by removing the classic cabinets located in the height, as well as the majestic kitchen cabinets or column cabinets. The main idea of ​​a kitchen without an overhead cupboard? Lighten the walls and focus on the storage space placed under a traditional worktop that generally accommodates the cooking and washing part. Cabinets, drawers and storage are only concentrated here at the bottom of the kitchen. Particularly effective composition in small kitchens or slightly dark rooms.

Kitchen without upper cabinet, most decorated kitchen?

These pieces of furniture are mainly centered on the lower part of the wall and covered with modern materials that give at first sight a special style to this room of great importance. Kitchen without upper cabinet in blond wood For a Scandinavian touch, A kitchen without a solid long-effect cupboard For a professional kitchen, a kitchen without a top cabinet in dark wood for a very modern effect … This type of kitchen has come in many processions, each one more irresistible than the next. If you still have some doubts about this super upscale kitchen, kitchen designers double their creativity to impress the most reluctant by supplementing this simple kitchen with a work island or designer shelves for some extra storage.

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In addition to colorful facades, design or available in modern wood shades, a kitchen without a top cabinet provides the opportunity to decorate its walls like never before. Beautiful Wooden shelf Wall lamps that are slim and designed to illuminate the work surface, Decorative splashback But also a wall of paint or a series of decorative frames, there are many possibilities to bring more spirit and personality to the corner of your kitchen with such an arrangement!

Photo proof with 15 kitchen styles without overhead cupboard caught our attention.


A green kitchen without a tall cupboard, goal

Daphne’s kitchen, from 1,905 euros, target


Large kitchen without top cabinet Scavolini

LiberaMente kitchen with breakfast table and height support, doors lacquered Moon Blue, price on request, Scavolini


A kitchen without a concrete long-impact cabinet, Leroy Merlin

Matt White Kitchen “Delia ID Evora”, layout from € 464, Leroy Merlin


Design kitchen without top cabinet, SieMatic

Low kitchen “pure” lacquer, white lotus color, attached to storage wall in wood veneer, shelves for “flowing spaces”, price on request, SieMatic


Kitchen without upper cabinet on island, IKEA

Metod “VÅRSTA” stainless steel kitchen, in euro, IKEA


Kitchen without top cabinet in blond wood, repair

Kitchen “Profile”, Design by Norm Architects, painted materials, dark oak and natural oak, price on request, repair


Kitchen without top cabinet in dark wood, lapierre

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“Canopée” kitchen, available in six colors, paired with a white marble polished worktop, from 489 euros, Lapierre


Kitchen island without top cabinet, Boffi

Kitchen set “K6”, price on request, Boffi


A kitchen without tall cabinet in dark wood effect, IKEA

Kitchen “SINARP” dark brown, euro, IKEA


A modern kitchen without tall cabinet, SieMatic

“Urban” kitchen, matte ambra lacquer with matte black metal handles, granite countertop, price on request, SieMatic


Kitchen without white top cabinet, Bulthaup

B3 Kitchen, Price on Request, Bulthaup


Gray kitchen without tall cabinet, Lapier

“Roche” kitchen with melamine door, attached to a matte gray glass worktop, from € 489, Lapier


Green kitchen without tall cupboard, Cuisine Plus

Juliet kitchen, matte lacquer fronts on MDF backing, from € 6,594, Kitchen Plus


Kitchen without upper cupboard in island setting, Cuisine Plus

Saint-Germain kitchen, from 6,650 euros, Cuisine Plus


Black kitchen without tall cupboard, however

Elita’s kitchen, from € 629, target

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