100 years since the racist massacre in Tulsa, Oklahoma

100 years since the racist massacre in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Posted on June 5, 2021

More than 1,200 buildings were burned during the Tulsa massacre in 1921.Photo: via Reuters/American Red Cross/Library of Congress.

The Tulsa, Oklahoma massacre began on May 31, 1921 when African Americans left their area to defend a black teenager falsely accused of assaulting a white teenage girl. They found themselves in a Tulsa courthouse facing hundreds of white citizens willing to participate in lynching. Tulsa was the nerve center of the US oil boom, as the African American community had access to business opportunities. “We destroyed what we call Black Wall Street from the ground up,” said Greenwood County political scientist and historian Donald Cucholeta.

He continues, “It is a continuation of the slavery phase, which is not far away.” “The end goal was to say, ‘You can’t allow a black man to become a businessman. “”

African American historians at various universities in the United States have written about this massacre, but society is controlled by whites in this country. “We have to admit that racism still exists in the United States,” says Donald Cucholeta.

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