10 things to know on Monday

# 8: This little robot is designed to play with your pets. (Photo: Anabot)

10 things to know. Federal aid to workers is unpopular, archaeologists discover a lost city in Egypt and a robot wants to become your cat’s best friend: Here are 10 news to read on Monday, April 12, 2021.

1. The health benefit of Canada’s economic recovery is a failure, he says Globe and Mail. Introduced in the fall, the program is offering $ 500 a week to workers wanted to be absent due to COVID-19. But less than a sixth of the 2.6 billion envelope planned for the fiscal year ending March 31 was used. The amount paid would be a little too small for most workers, let alone a retroactive return of assistance.

2- Impossible Foods, the company behind the popular vegan burgers, is reportedly considering rolling it out to the public Interested in the trade. Vegan Meat Substitutes intends to go public through an IPO (Initial Public Offering) or through SAVS (Specialized Profession Acquisition) within the next twelve months.

3- A major drought is raging in Taiwan, where the majority of the electronic chips on the market are produced. The The New York Times He met farmers who deplored the government’s choice to supply water to TSMC’s semiconductor plant while their farmland was without irrigation.

4- Many false COVID-19 tests (positive or negative) have been learned in India quartz. It is said that this practice is widespread in the country in order to be able to travel or to avoid taking school exams.

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The Avengers Campus complex will open in June. (Photo: Disneyland Resort via CNN)

5- Disney prepares to open its Marvel Universe theme park in June. This is a new expansion of Disneyland after another location has opened, this one in the Star Wars universe, he remembers CNN. The original theme park reopened at the end of April.

6- Facebook offers different job offers according to the gender of users according to a study published by a site Wall Street Journal. For example, the men’s social network shows more recruitment ads for work at Domino’s, while women receive more offers to work at Instacart.

7- Archaeologists have discovered a “lost city” in ancient Egypt. The 3,000-year-old city was fully discovered after weeks of excavations that began last September. Experts said to BBC It is the most important archaeological find since the tomb of Tutankhamun, nearly a hundred years ago.

8- The robot occupies your cats to entertain them when you are not there to do so. The mini Ebo can be controlled remotely or even move independently. Its job is to find and play with your cat, thanks to its laser pointer, among other things. Rule WiredAnimals love it, but your wallet loves less, because the device costs $ 300.

9- A mysterious tree cutter is common in the United Kingdom. More than thirty intact trees were cut down in ten days in Surrey, south London, at Vama guardian He calls it a “chainsaw massacre.” The police ignore the saboteur’s motives.

10- Two penguins discovered a poorly hidden camera in Antarctica. National Geographic Share on his Facebook page the result of this amazing “photo op”.

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