1 year, 17 million downloads of the Dead By Daylight mobile version

Quebec studio Behavior’s Dead By Daylight’s popularity continues to rise. The console and PC versions have been around for several years, but today the mobile version is celebrating its first anniversary … and 17 million downloads!

Image credit: Behavior

We’re really talking about A. success story Quebecois when it comes to Dead By Daylight. In addition to millions of players all over the world being played across consoles and PC platforms, the mobile, iOS and Android version is celebrating its first anniversary today. The app has been downloaded on the mobile phone over 17 million times!

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The behavior just came from Start a New Chapter, All-Kill, Currently available on console, PC, and mobile versions on May 3.

Here are excerpts from the Journalism Conduct Statement that highlight this course:

« Since its launch on April 16, 2020, it has become a mobile game a It achieved many important milestones. Think about the first million connectionsIt was reached just 48 hours after the game’s release, at a headline figure of close to 60 million games andMore than 170 million generators have been repaired In total – There is a lot to celebrate. »

«to construct Team Decibels Mobile and Development Game You have It was a year-long process where I had the opportunity Working with a group of talented, fun and warm people», Mentions Valentine Dessertenne, producer of Dead by daylight cell phone. «We are very proud of The game we made, from a simple prototype to the extended game we know now. I’m excited to see what Dead by has in store daylight Mobile and this wonderful team.»

“To celebrate a full year of Dead by Daylight mobile, in-game celebrations are currently taking place. Christmas gift boxes are available for free and contain sets of clothes that have already been released: Players can dress up as their favorite assassins or survivors. From April 19 to 25, a set will be available. Summer Camp, which includes summer outfits for Dwight, Meg, Nurse, and Trapper. Finally, the Back to School kit, which includes the Dans le coup pour Claudette outfit and the Legion’s Lost Cause outfit, will be available from April 26 to May 2.

“Anniversary celebrations will culminate with the release of the All-Kill chapter inside Dead by Daylight mobile on May 3rd.”

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