1 million cases in a single day in the United States

The United States faces a worrying fifth wave of COVID-19 triggered by the Omigron variant, according to Johns Hopkins University data, which set a world record of more than a million cases on Monday after the New Year’s long weekend.

The number of cases reported in 24 hours was set at 1,080,211 at 8:30 pm on Monday. However, this should be taken with caution as the number of cases registered on Monday is usually very high, especially after a three-day weekend like this. Case for the New Year in the United States.

However, this is more than double the number of cases reported last Monday, with more than 489,000 infections registered by the university after the three-day Christmas weekend.

The seven-day average case, which is considered the most important by experts, was nearly 486,000 daily cases on Monday evening.

Dr Anthony Fassi, a White House senior adviser on the health crisis, said on Sunday that the increase in the number of COVID-19 cases in the United States was following an “almost vertical” curve.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Omicron is now the dominant variant in the United States and has about 59% new cases in the week ending December 25th.

Anthony Fauzi said he hoped the current wave would reverse “in a few weeks”, as happened in South Africa.

Mortality and hospitalization in the United States have also increased recently, but to a very small extent. But they can still climb because they usually peak after the pollution curve.

According to the CDC, approximately 206 million Americans, or 62% of the population, have been fully vaccinated against Covit-19, and 69 million have received a booster dose.

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The previous record averaged 258,000 daily cases in the week from January 5 to 11, 2021 was recorded by the United States in previous waves.

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