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17.11.2021 – 12:12

FOUR PAWS – Animal Welfare Foundation


FOUR PAWS statement on release of Tiger King 2 on Netflix

Tigers and other big cats suffer in captivity

Zurich, November 17, 2021 – The controversial Netflix documentary series ‘Tiger King’ has started to pick up the pace. The first season has already been talked about around the world. American tiger breeders like Joe Exotic, Jeff Lowe and Doc Antle, who abuse endangered big cats for profit and entertainment, are making headlines. There are an estimated 10,000 large cats living in captivity in the United States. A large number if we take into account that only about 3900 tigers They still live in the wild in the world. In Europe, too, the condition of tigers is alarming. According to FOUR PAWS, about 1,600 tigers live in captivity in Europe.

Dominique de Castillo, Campaign Director at QUATRE PATTES:

There are an estimated 1,600 in captivity in Europe, 7,000 in the United States and 1,500 in South Africa. By comparison, there are only about 3,900 tigers left in the wild. Tiger King offers whimsical entertainment, but a behind-the-scenes look reveals the true extent of cruelty to animals and an international network to breed, trade, and exploit tigers, lions, and other greats. When animals lose any commercial value, their body parts, skin, and bones are often killed and sold for use in traditional medicine or jewelry making.

Tiger King takes place in the United States, but the situation is spiraling out of control in Europe and the rest of the world as well. In some EU countries, keeping exotic pets and using tigers in circuses is still legal. The big cat trade is also not sufficiently regulated and controlled. Since in these countries the conditions for breeding are not suitable, it is easy for breeders and traders to get tigers and profit from them: a live tiger bred in Europe can reach 5,000 euros, while a dead tiger is 22,000 euros.

Only a ban on trade in big cats and their body parts can put an end to this cruelty. FOUR PAWS is committed to protecting all big cats by influencing legislation in trade hotspots, such as Europe and South Africa, and providing rescued big cats with permanent sanctuary at our wildlife conservation centers. the animals.

We ask Tiger King fans to think beyond the entertainment factor for animals that suffer in captivity all their lives. “

Refraining from visiting places that offer interactions with live animals and supporting them financially helps support the work of FOUR PAWS. Only in this way can the big cats around the world be better protected and this important issue can be heard.

QUATRE PATTES est l’organisation mondiale de protection des animaux sous influence humaine directe, qui révèle leurs souffrances, sauve les animaux en détresse et les protège. Fondée en 1988 à Vienne par Heli Dungler et des amis, l'organisation plaide pour un monde où les humaines traitent les animaux avec respect, compassion et compréhension. Les campagnes et projets durables se concentrent sur les chiens et chats errants ainsi que sur les animaux de compagnie, les animaux de rente et les animaux sauvages – tels que les ours, les grands félins et les orangs-outans – vivant dans de mauvaises conditions de détention ainsi que dans les zones de catastrophe et de conflit. Avec des bureaux en Afrique du Sud, Allemagne, Australie, Autriche, Belgique, Bulgarie, Kosovo, Pays-Bas, Royaume-Uni, Suisse, Thaïlande, Ukraine, USA et Vietnam ainsi que des refuges pour animaux en détresse dans onze pays, QUATRE PATTES fournit une aide rapide et des solutions durables. La Fondation est en outre un partenaire d'Arosa Terre des Ours, le premier refuge en Suisse qui offre aux ours sauvés de mauvaises conditions de détention un environnement adapté à l’espèce. www.quatre-pattes.ch



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