▷ In Ukraine, after 17 years in captivity, a bear is rescued by FOUR PAWS

01.09.2021 – 12:45

FOUR PAWS – Animal Welfare Foundation


Saving a brown bear after being an attraction to a circus and restaurant in Ukraine

FOUR PAWS calls for stricter animal welfare laws

Zurich, September 1, 2021 – On August 30, FOUR PAWS released Martha, a 17-year-old female held in a closed restaurant near Stryi, in western Ukraine, to BEAR FOREST in Domazhyr. near Lviv. Martha was born in captivity and worked in a circus until 2008, when restaurateurs bought her to entertain their customers for 13 years. Ukraine will from November ban the use of certain types of wild animals, such as bears and big cats, for recreational purposes.

FOUR PAWS estimates that 80 bears are still in private custody in Ukraine, and while the organization welcomes this important new law, it knows there is still a lot to do until the animals are registered, breeding will not be controlled and wild animals can be legally displayed in circuses. .

During a one-day rescue mission, the FOUR PAWS team frees Bear Martha from the restaurant and transports her to her new type-appropriate home. Once she gets used to her new life in the bear jungle of Domasir, Martha will undergo a thorough veterinary examination. The previous owners kept Martha in a concrete fence within the confines of an old swimming pool. Martha had no possibility to work and could not explore her surroundings, swim or winter. She was bored and constantly chewing the bars of the can. Barbara Van Geen, who is responsible for wild animal rescue at QUATRE PATES, explains. The owners even went to Martha’s barn to hug her. “Bears are dangerous wild animals, and will never be able to live out their natural instincts if they are kept in captivity, abused and exploited for entertainment. Treating them as pets only adds to their suffering. For the first time in her life, Martha was finally able to lead a life fit for purpose,” said Barbara Van Geen. its kind.”

Ukraine is taking the first steps towards better protection of wild animals

As part of the adoption of a more stringent law on the protection of wild animals in November 2021, FOUR PAWS urges the Ukrainian authorities to implement this new law in a permanent and rigorous manner. It is not yet clear how the law will explain the holding of bears in private homes, but we estimate that once it comes into force, holding at least 30 bears will become illegal. The government should make sure these bears are properly housed on time. In addition, the relevant authorities must register all affected bears and the establishments in which they are housed to ensure that the bears are not killed or sold. To prevent more illegal bears from appearing, the authorities must also limit the breeding of these animals, says Taras Boyko, director of FOUR PAWS in Ukraine. FOUR PAWS proposes to the Ukrainian government to support it in the abolition of illegal arrests.

29 bears were rescued at the FOUR PAWS shelter in Ukraine

FOUR PAWS opened the DOMazhyr BEAR FOREST to visitors in October 2017. Besides Martha, 29 bears rescued by the World Organization for Animal Conservation now live there on an area of ​​7.7 hectares. Thus FOUR PAWS created a home adapted to their needs for the rescued bears and encouraged the Ukrainian government to enforce the law banning bear fighting in the country. In fact, chained bears are mistreated for the sole purpose of training hounds. Since then, the sanctuary has also provided a new home for animals from other sordid and inappropriate forms of breeding.

QUATRE PATTES est l’organisation mondiale de protection des animaux sous influence humaine directe, qui révèle leurs souffrances, sauve les animaux en détresse et les protège. Fondée en 1988 à Vienne par Heli Dungler et des amis, l'organisation plaide pour un monde où les humaines traitent les animaux avec respect, compassion et compréhension. Les campagnes et projets durables se concentrent sur les chiens et chats errants ainsi que sur les animaux de compagnie, les animaux de rente et les animaux sauvages – tels que les ours, les grands félins et les orangs-outans – vivant dans de mauvaises conditions de détention ainsi que dans les zones de catastrophe et de conflit. Avec des bureaux en Afrique du Sud, Allemagne, Australie, Autriche, Belgique, Bulgarie, Kosovo, Pays-Bas, Royaume-Uni, Suisse, Thaïlande, Ukraine, USA et Vietnam ainsi que des refuges pour animaux en détresse dans onze pays, QUATRE PATTES fournit une aide rapide et des solutions durables. La Fondation est en outre un partenaire d'Arosa Terre des Ours, le premier refuge en Suisse qui offre aux ours sauvés de mauvaises conditions de détention un environnement adapté à l’espèce. www.quatre-pattes.ch


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