Where demand meets supply and supply meets demand the North Sea decommissioning safety considerations
Monday, Feb 27, 2012

Marex Marine and Safety Services is well placed to assist with all aspects of safety, including decommissioning. As a leading safety, environmental and marine consultancy, Marex has built a strong reputation within the oil and gas sector as market leaders for the compilation of safety case and risk assessment services. Its team comprises of master mariners, naval architects and risk specialists with extensive offshore experience. The company can advise on all risk/safety and marine aspects, and in addition can assist their clients in the difficult task of providing a safe place of work, in what is an extremely difficult environment.

The role and requirements of the oil and gas industry’s offshore decommissioning supply chain may still to be determined at some levels, and safety may be one of them.

An aspect such as safety is generally led by recommendation and legislative requirements. Whilst the safety skills around dismantling and removal shall, in the main, reflect and be transferrable from the good practise of the oil and gas industry, as a whole, it also brings with it new challenges and therefore, potentially new directives. Whilst the decommissioning sector cannot avoid being influenced by cost, and priority may naturally be to address operational challenges and topical issues and keep costs down, risk management systems are crucial.

In this respect, we all work keenly to meet safety measures and services required for compliance now and going forward. Marex, as a member, is keen to support Decom North Sea and offer its services to the decommissioning sector.

Source: Marex Marine

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